The Association takes seriously its responsibility to help prepare the future workforce as well as ensuring the existing workforce has that which it needs to succeed.



One of the primary ways in which we achieve this is through the delivery of CPDs. Our inhouse Technical team provides Brick CPDs to a range of audiences from architectural practices to engineering firms and of course, educational establishments. If you would like to discuss your particular requirements, please contact our Technical Manager Patrick Lewis

0207 3237032


Alongside our members' roles as responsible employers, they take a holistic view of a sustainable workforce by supporting not only those who wish to manufacture brick but also those who wish to enter the bricklaying trade. Between them our members have donated hundreds of thousands of clay bricks to bricklaying colleges, ensuring students have modern, high quality components with which to hone their craft.


Alongside our direct efforts, the Association has shepherded the Association of Brickwork Contractors through the process of submitting their first bid, for public funds made available through CITB. The objective of the bid is to adopt an in-house assessment model that will upskill their existing workforce and lay the ground for widened access to the trade, through the new Trailblazer Apprenticeship scheme.