BQC Assessment & Audit Panel


The BQC Assessment & Audit Panel comprises experts in brickmaking and credentialling systems.  


Chaired by an independent brick expert who has a casting vote on any application made, its role is firstly, to assess (and approve or otherwise) recomendations made by BDA staff, following an initial desktop audit of an application made by a clay brickmaking businesses.


Secondly, and should there be a potential conflict or a reasonable doubt as to the veracity of an application, it will call for a detailed audit of that application and make a judgement.  


Should there be an appeal against a decision made by the Panel, it will investigte, arbitrate and/or call for a further physical audit of the application which may also involve a physical audit and assessment of the brickmaker and once done, make a final judgement.


Lex Harrison Chairman, BQC A&A Panel

Lex is a clay brick specialist working for Arup.  He is the Independent Chairman of the BQC A&A Panel

Mihailo Simeunovich Chairman BSWP

Mihailo is the Head of Design and Technical Services for Ibstock PLC

Sarah Le Gresley Chairman, PWP

Sarah is the Marketing Director for Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC and she is the current Chairman of the Brick Development Association's Promotional Working Party

John Cave Executive Director (Group) - EH Smith Limited

John is the Group Commercial Director for respected Builders' Merchant, EH Smith Limited.  He's an advocate of clay brick, pavers and tiles.

Andrew Taylor Group Planning Director - Countryside Homes

Andrew is a Brick Awards Judge and Group Planning Director for Homebuilder, Countryuside Homes.

Dave Manley Chairman, SPWP

Dave is the Sustainablity Manager for Forterra PLC.  He is the current Chairman of the Brick Development Assocaition's Sustainable Products Working Party

Patrick Lewis Technical Manager, Brick Development Association

Patrick is the Technical Manager for the BDA.  A Civil Engineer, he brings with him significant experience in cladding systems.

Terri Dicker Committee Secretary

Terri Dicker works for the Brick Development Association as the office manager.  She is the Secretary of the BQC A&A Panel

Keith Aldis CEO, BDA

Keith is the Chief Executive of the Brick Development Association


Phone: 020 7323 7034